Produktfoto ergo vac <sup>compact</sup>

ergo vac compact

the compact one

The ergo vac compact electrode suction system gives you the opportunity to carry out your ECG measurements quickly and conveniently. The ergo vac compact can be adapted to all ECG device types. This electrode suction system can be installed on various cart systems.

  • No more pump module (module and bracket): cost-effective, space-saving, elegant
  • Integrated cable guide in functional telescopic arm: more hygienic, easier to clean, more aesthetic
  • Battery autonomy: power-independent working during the day, charging at night!
  • USB power supply: can be powered by the ECG device (mains supply also possible)
  • All-round head housing protection with new cable suspension: protects against damage, easy cable suspension for transport (not yet visible in the pictures)
  • Blow out function: moisture and impurities are blown out
  • Design: optically addressable system solution: ECG <>trolley<>suction system
  • Arm brackets available: uncomplicated application for many carts possible


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