mbnet engineering GmbH – the Birth of a New Company

mbnet engineering GmbH was incorporated in August 2014, in the Bautzen area near Dresden, Germany. The new firm was established on the basis of an asset deal that made it possible to take over certain assets and existing employment contracts from the predecessor company.

As a result, mbnet engineering GmbH was able to acquire technological know-how that had been developed over the years, as well as established market and sales activities.

Same, but different

Our motto – "Same, but different" – reflects our international customer-focused mindset. We offer ingenious, well thought-out solutions for our customers' requirements – solutions that stand out from other products. In this way, we generate added value for our customers, as well as additional possibilities for using our products.

Breaking new ground

Our objective is to keep on pushing the limits of what is feasible. With this goal in mind, we successfully develop new, safe, reliable and effective products underpinned by research and innovation.

  • 2014 – handy vaq: The smallest suction unit, in pocket format, with a USB port for resting and exercise ECGs.
  • 2015 – ergo vac: New standard suction unit with cables routed inside the equipment.
  • 2017 – ergo basic: Simple and flexible telescopic arm can be equipped with banana plugs or clip plugs.
  • 2018 – ergo vac: Introduction of the modified telescopic arm with service-friendly joint and telescopic screw fitting.
  • 2019 – ergo vac compact: Most compact resting ECG suction unit with integrated pump and battery function, USB connection and internal cable routing.
  • 2019 – ergo vac: Short version as replacement for UNISOG2 systems. Use of the existing pump and mounting systems.
  • 2020 – ergo vac compact: Introduction of component protection package - preventive filter system to increase plant safety / component protection.

International reach

mbnet engineering GmbH has strong regional roots but is also positioning itself in the global marketplace. We maintain close and attentive contact with our customers worldwide. This enables us to identify trends and customers' requirements quickly – and to implement them just as rapidly.

The keys to our success

One crucial factor in our past and present success is our relentless focus on research-based medical technology.

We regularly hold discussions with our partners, and we maintain excellent contact with relevant local organisations. The result: we can identify the expectations of many different cultures and incorporate them into our product development work. 



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